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New CMB Project singles out soon!

Great news! CMB Project is going to release new songs in the next months! On thursday we'll be in studio, recording the vocal tracks for...

Pubblicato “CMB Project – Voyager”

È uscito oggi "Voyager", il nuovo singolo dei CMB Project. We’re proud to announce our new single: “Voyager”! We send this song to the brilliant Ligo/Virgo...

“Voyager” will be released on Friday!

We are very happy to announce that our new single "Voyager" will be released on Friday, February 12 2016! Stay tuned!    

Working hard on a new track!

Hi guys, just a quick news to let you know we're working hard on a new track! It's called "Voyager" and it should be ready...

Pubblicato “L. Salucco plays L.E.S. Scene”

È stato pubblicato oggi "L. Salucco plays L.E.S. Scene", un album di cover del disco "Scene" dei L.E.S., uscito nel 2002. Si tratta di un...

“Lullaby for the Earth” out today!

Here it is! "Lullaby for the Earth" by CMB Project. I really care about this one, please check it out on YouTube!

“Made Of Stars” released today!

CMB Project new production "Made Of Stars" featuring PIF released today! Check it out on YouTube

CMB Project, new track! “The place we live in” out now

CMB Project just released a new track "The place we live in". Check it out here:

CMB Project at the Koan Studio!

CMB Project @ Koan Studio today with Francesco Foderà. We've been working on the vocal parts of a new track: "The Place We Live In"  

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