L.E.S. Scene app

Su iTunes la nuova app “L.E.S. – Scene”. Per iPhone, iPod e iPad.

[box type=”note” border=”full”]This is the official L.E.S. (Lazzeri, Ermini, Salucco) “Scene” app for iPhone and iPod Touch and a must-have for every fan of this exciting progressive band from Florence, Italy!
This app is about their great first album “Scene” published in 2002.
This album mixed progressive metal/rock with soundtracks & ambient creating a new music genre great for concerts but also for film scoring.
Features in this first release include:
– Infos about “Scene” album
– Details about every “Scene” song including release notes
– Original and English version lyrics
– Listen every “Scene” song
– Find out how to use “Scene” song in your own production
– L.E.S. wallpapers for your iPhone

All for FREE in your iPhone or iPod Touch![/box]